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Appshare Services

When you use Appshare on the public node (*.appshare.app), you will have to ensure that your devices have access to the appshare services on https://api.appshare.app. A local node has a proxy to these services. Devices only require to have access to the local node.

The Appshare Services constains critical, but insensitive configuration and statistical data that is required to run your applications in Appshare. The configuration is stored in the browser cache to not rely on continuous access.

Configuration Data

  1. Account identification, description and backed ERP JAS server URL as for each environment for which Appshare is enabled.
  2. Administrative user accounts setup for an Account.
  3. Languages and translations.
  4. Available modules
  5. Module assignments to user roles or ID’s
  6. Module parameter configurations
  7. Module variants.

Statistical Data

To support usage plans (by user or by device), statistical usage data is captured and stored for a billing period.

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