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Maintenance Orders Issue

Maintenance Order Issue Simplified

This application is used on a scanning device to scan work order numbers, and then item numbers to issue to that work order using a dialogue to first scan an item, and then enter the quantity to issue. Pressing the process button will issue the materials to the work order.

EnterpriseOne program

The application uses the following EnterpriseOne objects:

P48201Work with Work Orders
P4101Item Master
P41026Item Branch
P41202Item Availability
P31113Inventory Issues


MaxIssueErrorMaximum number of items to issue in onde Process
MaxIssueWarnong Number of issues to trigger a warning (please Process)
W31113HVersion of Inventory Issue to use
W41026EVersion of Item Branch to use
F48201FVersion of Work Orders to use
Multiple versions of this application can be created to allow different EnterpriseOne versions to be called in different scenarios.

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