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Boomerang Setup

The Version Workbench objects are either distributed as EnterpriseOne package (.PAR file) or Boomerang package. In this manual the Boomerang process is described in detail, for applying PAR packages we refer to the appropriate Oracle documentation.

For importing the delivered Boomerang package you should use the free of charge BoomerangLite tool available at www.everestsoftint.com or you may have a licensed Boomerang software installed.

Prerequisites for running the BoomerangLite setup are:

  1. To be installed on a JDEdwards EnterpriseOne development client (including the appropriate version of a MicroSoft VisualStudio installation for the JDE release if pre deployment usage of Version Workbench after installation is required) with an NTFS file system and a Windows 2000 or higher Operating System.
  2. The logged on windows user running the BoomerangLite setup must have local administrator privileges.
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