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Enable SSL on Appshare node

Before you start make sure you have your SSL certificate.

  1. SSH into your node server. To create you own local Appshare node refer to this document.
  2. Copy your certificate into the /data/appshare/ directory
  3. Navigate to this directory:
    cd /data/appshare/
  4. Run the following command:
    mv off.nginx.conf nginx.conf

Now link your certificate and nginx.conf. There are two ways to do that, depending on the format of your certificate.

My certificates are in .pem formatMy certificates are in a different format
Simply rename your certificate file to cert.pem and key file to key.pem.
Open your nginx.conf file and ensure to edit the following lines to point to your certificate files:
ssl_certificate /data/appshare/yourCertificateName;
ssl_certificate_key /data/appshare/yourKeyName;

All new nodes will run on SSL. You will have to delete existing nodes and recreate them to enable those for SSL.

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