Enable SSL on Appshare node

Before you start make sure you have your SSL certificate.

  1. SSH into your node server.
  2. copy your certificate inside /data/appshare/ directory
  3. now go inside the directory: cd /data/appshare/
  4. run mv off.nginx.conf nginx.conf

The next setup is to link your certificate and nginx.conf. There are two ways to do that.

First, if you have your cert and key in .pem format just rename your certificate to cert.pem and key to key.pem.

Second, if you have cert and key in different formats. Then you have to edit nginx.conf file. Just edit the following lines in nginx.conf file.

  1. ssl_certificate /data/appshare/yourCertificateName;
  2. ssl_certificate_key /data/appshare/yourKeyName;

All new nodes will run on SSL. For existing nodes, You need to delete and create running nodes to use the SSL.

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