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DHL Label Print

This application prompts for a barcode, containing a specific Sales Order in a specific status. It will trigger the DHL API to register the shipment, retrieve the barcode and print the DHL shipping label. It will also advance the Sales order status indicating the sales order now has been registered with DHL and store the DHL tracking number in the sales order for track and trace purposes.

Community App:

This application was built for a customer but can be reused.


This application depends on standard EnterpriseOne objects and the DHL API…

EnterpriseOne release:

9.1 and higher


DHL Label Print Screenshots

EnterpriseOne program

The application uses the following EnterpriseOne objects:

P4210Sales Order Entry


Print batch and version: The program and version to use to print the actual DHL label. /td>
Origin_Address: The Address book record to ship from
Printer_URL The Zebra print cloud url
Status minimum and maximum: The allowed incoming sales order detail status lines.
W4114A The Adjustment version to use
W4116A The reclassification version to use


This application is based on the Zebra Cloud print, but other ways of sending the print file to the printer can be implemented as well.


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