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License Plate Location Transfer

This application allows the user to scan one or more license plate numbers. The application will show some license plate data and allow to transfer the license plate(s) to a location defined in the parameters by processing the transaction. This application is used on Android phone devices but can run on any device.

Community App:

This application was built for a customer but can be reused.


This application depends on standard EnterpriseOne objects only.

EnterpriseOne release:

9.1 and higher


Application Screenshots

EnterpriseOne program

P46L10License Plate Workbench


BranchDefault To Branch
LocationDefault To Location
MultitransEnable or disable multi transfers
W46L10CThe version of the license plate workbench to use


The users can create multiple versions of this applications with their own To-Locations to have multiple transfer options in their device.


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