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Work Orders

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This application allows to easily enter – issue – and complete Work Orders. It can run on any device.

Community App:

This application was built for a customer but can be reused.


This application depends on standard EnterpriseOne objects only.

EnterpriseOne release:

9.1 and higher


Application Screenshots

EnterpriseOne program

P48013Manufacturing work orders.
P31113Work order material issues
P31114Work order completions


BranchDefault To Branch
WorkcenterDefault work center
Cross Reference TypeSet your master routing cross reference type [MR]
Upper status NewThe maximum work order status for new work orders
Upper status WIPThe maximum work order status for WIP work orders
Upper Status CompleteThe maximum work order status for completed work orders


The initial screen of the Work Order application shows all work orders divided in three brackets: New, WIP and Complete. Where an order is presented is defined by the Work Order Status and the definition of the brackets that can be set in the parameters of the application.

Click in the header on the Branch Plant to change to another branch (only manufacturing branches can be selected). Click in the graph to select new, wip or to complete work orders. Depending on the types of work orders shown, the default action is either Add work order, or Issue to Work Order or complete work order.

Click on the work order status to change the status to another one.


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