Login, Configure and AIS Tester

Login into dropZone v3 at http://dropzone.steltix.com/app using User and Password from the registration email.

Configure your EnterpriseOne settings

Enter your EnterpriseOne User and password as well as the AIS URL you like to connect.
You can use: Demo / demo / demo.steltix.com for testing purposes.
Activate the legacy mode if you are using an older tools release version than 9.2. The lowest tools release you can use with dropZone Version 3 is 9.2 with some limitations.

If you have issues connecting to your AIS server make sure that you use the AIS tester to find out what the issue is.

Click on: http://aistester.steltixlabs.com/tester

Enter your AIS Server URL and click on “Run Config Test”
Your server settings are shown. If there are no warnings or error Enter below “Step 2” your JDE User and Password and click on “Run Login Test”.
Check the server result.

If both test are fine you are ready to start using dropZone.

Tab Form Finder

With the form finder you get a liest of fields, field type, Long name, Alias and AIS ID for the form you enter.

This feature could be used for customized forms to deliver the information to our development department. If you click on “Download Fields” at the bottom of the list an Excel Sheet is generated.

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