Before you start

Before you install Transparent Logon, ensure you got the following covered.

Minimum Technical Requirements

  • The server on which you intend to install TL needs to be part of your Windows Domain.
  • The user you have to install TL has local admin rights on the TL machine.
  • 4Gb memory is available to TL
  • You have at least 2Gb free disk space

Information you need

To be able to quickly go through the required configuration steps, ensure to have the following information available:


  • Your JDEdwards Enterpriseserver Name and port
  • Its admin user and associated password
  • Your JDEdwards webservers name and port


  • Your AIS server name and port (only when you want to user TL for AIS access as well)
  • Your Reports Now server name and port (only when you want to use TL for Reports Now access as well)
  • A SMPT mail server name and port and user to sent mail (when you want to use TL to reset passwords)
  • A valid SSL certificate for your TL server (when you want to use SSL)
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