Checkin and enter regular JDE promotion and deployment process

From OMW, you can now checkin the entire project by selecting the project node and use the checkin button. The project should now be promoted ‘all the way’ through your system as soon as possible. For every pathcode of your system, a full package build, deployment and installation to every workstation needs to be performed. The full package build can optionally be included with a (to be defined) feature for the supplied Version Workbench dll distribution executable.

It is recommended to save the supplied Version Workbench dll distribution executable in a VersionWorkbench folder under your ThirdParty location in the “OneWorld Client Install” folder on your deployment server. When defining the optional VersionWorkbench feature to be attached to your full package builds, you should then use the command-line syntax “\\<DeploymentServer>\<ReleaseShare>\OneWorld Client Install\ThirdParty\VersionWorkbench\VersionWorkbench35.exe” and specify “/VERYSILENT” in the parameter box.

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