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Taskview Orphanage

Form exit Orphanage on the Taskviews tab of the Version Workbench main screen lets you work with task master records that are not accessible through a defined taskview in the Task Master Orphanage screen:

Task view Orphans identification screen

Orphanage content needs to be generated per environment using form exit Refresh. The Delete button in this screen will clean up unused task definitions from your task master file as well as relationship definitions attached to it (that are not in use anymore). Grid row header bitmaps indicate whether and how the task master record is involved in task relationships. Grid records without a grid row header bitmap are not involved in any relationship, a minus grid row header bitmap indicates the task master record is found as a ‘child only’ relationship. Grid row header relation bitmaps displayed in bold indicate the task master record to be defined as a ‘parent only’ relationship, making it the ‘top entry’ of a relationship structure, the other grid row header relation bitmap records take part in relationship structures.

The Select button lets you inspect relationships attached to the orphan task master record in the Task Relation Orphanage screen:

Task relation orphans

Row exit Reconnect allows you to reconnect the selected relationship structure to the taskview where the attached relationship structure was defined for. The Select Relationship Reconnection screen lets you select a target location and specify a display sequence within the taskview definition the orphan relationship structure may be reconnected to:

Reconnect orphans
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