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Accounts Payable Automation (APA)

The Accounts Payable Automation module for JD Edwards (short: APA) provides a comprehensive invoice automation module.

It comprises of a import module, the UMapper, which is capable of mapping inbound XML formats of any source into the required format in the voucher workbench, whilst validating and auto-correcting inbound data. The preferred solution is to ensure having your vendors sent UBL invoices to eliminate any need for scanning solutions to transform paper into data, but third party solutions such as Go2UBL can be leveraged to ensure a consistent and highly dependable incoming XML invoice from any vendor, ready to process into your APA workbench.

The second important component is the APA Workbench, which allows you to manage all of the inbound invoices, their status whilst in an approval flow and detect and correct any mapping issues.

The last element leverages the standard workflow provided with you JD Edwards system to ensure all of the invoices that require approval follow a fully auditable approval path.


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