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APA releases roadmap

Steltix continuously delivers new features, enhancements to existing features, and bug fixes for APA users.

The upcoming releases for Account Payable Automation will include the following features:

APA 4.5 (Planned release for July 2022)

Features & Release Notes

Automated PaymentsDevelop Automated Payment Run with Approval Workflow
Improved StatisticsAPA Manager Statistics to be included
Improved Supplier Specific MappingMeta Layouts conclusion to allow to maintain easily supplier specific templates
Peppol Network IntegrationAPA Integration with Peppol Network. Expanding Peppol integrations to include Storecove, a Netherlands-based e-invoicing provider that offers a SaaS-based solution for sending and receiving invoices via the global Peppol network. This development is an expansion of the existing Peppol OCR as a service provider that is already integrated via APA today including Go2UBL.
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