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APA 4.4 (February 2022)

The following section outlines the general Release Notes for the current (latest) version of APA 4.4

Release Date

The release date for APA 4.4 was February 2022.

The following release (4.5) are planned for Apr 2023.

New Features

Escalation Now possible to escalate an invoice from the APA workbench to someone within the organization before processing. New Escalated Invoices screen to monitor incoming messages. This is also possible during approval. Escalated Invoices can be set on hold using APA hold codes. Message log included throughout all stages of the invoice, also including auditing with correspondent escalated person.
Hold Code Now possible to block an APA Voucher, with or without password. Can be used while escalating or simply when a transaction needs to be set on hold for discussion etc. Hold Codes will prevent editing (configurable) or to prevent a voucher to be processed.
Intercompany There is a new validation to check the intercompany constants coping with JD Edwards functionality.
Tax Return Booking Recognize your VAT Tax Return before the invoice is processed. It’s possible to book the tax of an unprocessed invoice already via a new report. Reversal of this entry will be done while processing the invoice.
Change Supplier When changing the supplier, the payment terms of the voucher and due dates are automatically refreshed both on Header and Detail of the invoice according to the chosen supplier master.
Bank code The bank code now updated when updating/adding new bank details. Using country specific requirements (ex. Belgium)
Performance It’s possible to validate/process voucher asynchronously, that means that when processing large invoices, you can already go the next voucher without waiting on the validation
Pro-rated Freight Variance Distribution Now possible to distribute Freight Variances proportionally by Quantity, Amount or equally amongst selected Freight Orders.
Enhanced User Experience When matching an invoice, the first error or warning is displayed when validate & save

Bug fixes

Reroute When reroute a Voucher match invoice and there is a difference in variance/no variance list defined, it always went to the no difference list even if there was a difference.
Bank Account Details (F0030) When checking a bank account, on the background the table (F0030) was opened but never closed, that was not noticeable for the user but noticed in the logging.
Approval Workflow inquiry When the last approver, approved the invoice, the workflow inquiry showed only the time of the last approver. Now it shows the right timestamps and Userid of the approver
Subledger When processing Voucher match invoices with subledger values, it wasn’t possible to process them successfully.
Show orders in APA Batch When you search for open receipts, partial receipts/landed costs lines are also displayed. Before you had to select the Show orders in APA Batch option to see them.
Object Reservation When someone was ‘in’ an invoice and someone else processed the invoice, the invoice was not updated well in APA. Now it isn’t possible to process if the invoice is reserved.
Foreign currency When processing a foreign currency invoice, the variances to determine if there are variances for approval, where calculated based on the domestic price, that’s changed to the foreign price.
Zero Receipt It wasn’t possible to match and process a receipt with quantity but without an amount.
Processed date The processed date is now updated correctly.
Company It wasn’t possible to update the company fields when they were empty.

Additional Features

Item number When matching with a receipt/order, the item number is also displayed in the APA Scanned Voucher Detail screen.
Requisition order In the receipts to match screen the related requisition order is also shown.
Purge Report The layout is changed a bit to make it more readable.
Integrity Report Also here the layout is changed a bit to make it more readable.
Translations All forms are also translated in Dutch.
Order company It’s possible to filter default on open receipts of the company of the voucher. In the old version it was searching for default on every receipt of every company.
Tax code Tax code for cost vouchers is also showed in the approval screen.
History APA workbench It’s now possible to determine which vouchers you want to see standard (all History/approved) etc.
Reset It’s possible to reset multiple invoices in once.


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