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APA 4.2 (February 2021)

The following section outlines the general Release Notes for APA version 4.2

Release Date

The release date for APA 4.2 was Feb 2021.

New Features & Release Notes

Pending Approval ListingPending Approver now listed on APA Workbench
Improved WorkbenchEnhanced User Interface on APA Workbench multiple forms
Logged Voucher RedistributionEmbedded Logged Voucher Redistribution in APA Workbench
VAT RecalculationEnhanced VAT Recalculation button
Bank Account MaintenancePart of Increasing Automation is also to accurate Master Data – Now in APA users are able to create new Supplier Bank Account details, adding more and better data on JD Edwards. Improving Automated recognition of Supplier and already lifting the curtain for the future Payment Run in APA.
Automated GL Account MaintenanceGiving the user while registering Vouchers to be able to include default GL Accounts according to Invoice Line Description text. Allowing user to add setup while on job leads to APA automation rates to increase exponentially.
New PDF ViewerNew PDF Viewer released as an internal JDEdwards Application, enabling a possibility to have the PDF Viewer all accross the JDEdwards modules where the Finance Document can be found.

Bug fixes

Validate & SaveNow Recalculating VAT Amounts whenever pressed the button
Decimal Format Impacting UmapperUmapper now formats decimals according to mapped field
AttachmentsAttachment Icon now visible on APA Workbench
Processed “N” ErrorIncluded DMAAI validation to avoid having errors without description reported by customers
Payee Control on New Bank AccountsIncluded Payee Control Functionality

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