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APA 4.3 (Aug 2021)

The following section outlines the general Release Notes for the current (latest) version of APA 4.3

Release Date

The release date for APA 4.3 was August 2021.
The following release (4.4) are planned for November 15th, 2021.

Features & Release Notes

Enhanced Approval Screens4.3 is a version more focused on Approval Level – More details to the Approver and new Appshare App 
WithholdingWithholding Enhancements and Bug Fixes
Audit TrailAudit Trail to each Voucher being recorded per each user interaction from Import to Process
Integrity ReportNew Report to validate Imported Voucher onto Voucher standing in Accounts Payable
Purge ReportNew Historical Tables and Inquiry Application to visualize historical records, increasing performance in APA Workbench. Can be set on scheduler to move to historical tables invoices older than 6 months for instance.
Approval Workflow on Logged and Freight Match Vouchers ApprovalIncluding Approval Workflow for all Voucher Routines; Now able to define LAP or PAP distribution lists per company, branch plant and Purchaser
Remove any change on Standard ObjectsIt is planned to be the first non-evasive APA version by excluding changes on BIP objects. Easier maintenance in the upcoming Tools Upgrades, etc.

Bug Fixes

Tax Percentage – DieselPortugal – Tax Percentage in APA not coping with Tax Rule Setup
Approval not Working in Debit MemosCertain scenarios are being processed and vouchers stand on Pay Status A, although not Approved
Workflow Inquiry not listing User IDFix of Workflow Inquiry to include User ID

Updates & Release Notes for version 4.3

  • APA Withholding Processing on Cost Vouchers (Summarised/Detailed)
  • Freight Match Approval
  • VM\FM Approval by Company & Branch Plant
  • Discount Available and Discount Due Date included in APA
  • Validation Performance Enhancements
  • Approval Status Enhanced Display
  • Reject Workflow Processing
  • Integrity Report APA\Accounts Payable
  • Additional Details in Approval Inquiry
  • Tax Rules – VAT Expense Compatible
  • Freight Match – Tax Overrides
  • Approval Workflow for Debit Memos
  • Foreign Currency Enhancements
  • Audit Trail in APA
  • Attachments made available on Approval Screen
  • Purge Report and Historic Inquiry Application
  • Scanned Voucher Hold Code in APA Rejection and Workbench
  • Distribution List and Variances displayed to Approver
  • Appshare new Application for Scanned Voucher Approval
  • Reset Scanned Voucher back to original state

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