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APA 4.2.5 (May 2021)

The following section outlines the general Release Notes for APA version 4.2.5

Release Date

The release date for APA 4.2.5 was May 2021.

New Features

WithholdingSupplier default Withholding now configurable in APA, can be triggered partially per line, with specific Payment Instrument, Payee, Tax Area and GL Class
Enhanced Order Line MatchingUmapper now coping with different decimal formats, allowing to suggest order line based on amount or quantities way more efficientely
UMapper EnhancementsImprovements on User Interface on Umapper
Freight MatchingNew Voucher Routine with the Transportation Module can now be found in APA
Multi-Currency EnhancementsImprovements on Multi-Currency Handling – Possible to Override Foreign Currency and Currency per Voucher; Foresse Domestic and Foreign Amounts

Bug fixes

Voucher Match to specific Receipt LinesNow APA matches and close the receipt line that user selected to match, instead of consuming partial receipt lines via FIFO method as before
Summarized Lines on Voucher MatchNow set not to have a visual impact on APA Detail Form
Exchange Rate Error when Company was not filled inHard Error now refreshed so that user can continue working with voucher
Foreign Exchange – Manual Receipt MatchVoucher Net Amount filled in with Domestic Amount instead of Foreign Amount
Approval Screen dos not allow to have new PDF ViewerIncluded Voucher Details so that CafeOne can be setup

Updates & Release Notes for version 4.2.5

  • Summarize Lines – including Bank Account Details
  • APA New Main Form UI
  • UMapper – Matching Order Line Amounts and Quantities
  • UMapper – Enhanced User Experience
  • GL Account rules – automatically stored with VAT Tax Area & Explanation Code
  • APA Embedded Logged Voucher Redistribution
  • Supplier IBAN Override Option
  • Included Service / Tax Date on APA
  • Pending Approver visible in APA Workbench
  • Additional Info on APA Workbench: Void Status, Logged Voucher Redistribution status, Post Code, etc.
  • Invoice “Extra” line description with 90 positions
  • Freight Matching
  • APA Withholding Processing
  • Foreign Currency Redesign
  • Voucher Match – Receipt Line specific

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