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Current Release Notes for APA (4.5)

The following section outlines the general Release Notes for the current (latest) version of APA 4.5

This version includes a serious of important and great new features that would increase the flexibility of the tool of A\P Bookkeeping.

Huge investment on improving the Logged Voucher entry mode for customers with wide complexity on the Procure to Pay processes, that in the past could not easily keep up the A\P module up to date.

Worth mentioning 2 new language packs, Spanish and Portuguese to keep up with growing install base of APA.

Overall, over 100 improvement points were considered and added to the software that will bring APA one more step forward to become the best A\P Solution in the market for JD Edwards.

Release Date

The release date for APA 4.5 was April 2023.

New Features

Redesign on 2 Way and 3 Way Voucher Match Logic on how system determines and displays 2 and 3 way matches was enhanced to cope with Requisition Self Service Module so commonly used in latest APA Customers.
Workflow Redesign Both Alternate and Standard approval flows were revisited and reworked for better performance.
Adjust to Difference Button Also available now in Freight Match
Logged Voucher Redistribution to Freight Match APA now extended the Standard JD Edwards redistribution functionality by allowing to redistribute APA Logged Vouchers against Freight Orders.
Unit of Measure APA now allows to store the unit of measure on the voucher level, improving the tolerance check in one hand, and reducing the risk of causing integrity issues with the purchase receipt entries.
GL Date by Processing Date APA Customers requested GL Date to be updated during the processing run to have more accurate KPI reporting. Feature is now available.
Refreshed APA User Interface Workbench is now with a new display focused on improving the user experience. Also is now able to exclude Matching Routines by enabling\disabling processing options.
Accurate Tolerance Errors APA now displays specific tolerance errors, for Quantity check and Extended Amount Tolerances. This split allows a better understanding from user’s perspective.
Document Repository new Version The option to store the pdf’s and xml’s outside the JD Edwards database is now available. Conversion scripts are available for any install base. Available for 64 bits installations. More details here.
Rerouting now available for Standard Approval It is now possible to reroute ongoing workflows with Standard Approval. Previously only enabled in Alternate Approval settings.
Auto-matching on Additional References New Reference fields are now available on APA for automatching
Bank Account Masking APA now copes with Standard Data Masking setup in JD Edwards. Bank Accounts could now be visible depending on your configuration.
Toggle Select Toggle Selection now available in:
• 2 Way Matching
• 3 Way Matching
• Freight Matching
Logged Vouchers Approval step is now optional
Escalation Return Message Comments now mandatory.
New Translations Now including Portuguese and Spanish Translations
Freight Match & Book to Account Now possible to small differences automatically using the Book to Account Button.

Bug fixes

  • Approval Workflow on Credit Logged Vouchers
  • GL Offset now populated when validating
  • Pay Instrument & Tax Y/N Now available and filled in
  • Batch Reset performance increased by moving the feature to run on UBE
  • Matching is now available for orders with no quantity
  • Rejection Workflow on Logged Voucher Rework
  • Balance By Pay Item Constants now compatible with APA
  • APA installation Warnings fixed
  • APA coping now with Solaris Infrastructure
  • Project Closure Check now on APA

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