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Work with Accounts

Accounts in Appshare are the definition of the customer specific characteristics of the JDEdwards endpoint and allow for some specific customizations.

Work with Accounts

Work with Accounts

The accounts tab contains all the accounts that are configured to use Appshare.

Add an account: Use the plus icon at the bottom to open the dialogue to add an account.

Maintain account information: Click the down arrow at the right in each Account row to inspect and maintain its attributes.

Add new Account

Add an Account

In the Add Account dialogue, assign an identifier for the account (Alphanumeric ID) and in the Description field enter the name of the Account.

The Administration User is the JD Edwards user in the Account’s system to which to assign Customer Administration rights. Separate multiple values by a comma.

The PIN code is the code to be used for every user for initial setup of Appshare on their device. The expiry date is not mandatory but can be used to signify the expiration for the Account.


Maintain Account

When opening an account, the Administration user, Expiry date and Validation code can be maintained. Using the icons the programs can be accessed to maintain Accounts’ Environments, its local node and the account can be deleted.

Maintain Environments

Maintain Environments

For each account, one or more environment links can be setup in the environment screen:

JAS Server: Enter the JAS server associated with the AIS server to which the users of the account are going to login.

Description: The Account specific description of the environment.

Web server: The webserver that belongs to the JAS server.
The expiry date is not mandatory but can be used to expire environment access. New environments can be added to the list of environments using the Plus icon at the bottom.

Appshare does not govern which user has access to what environment;

Those rights are assigned in JD Edwards as usual.

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