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Manufacturing Master Data

Standard Manufacturing Data

  • P30026_W30026B – Cost Components
  • P3002_W3002A – Bill of Material
    Updating an existing record requires the current effective from and effective thru date. Also the Batch Quantity has to be set to zero in the template, if not used.
    The NEWEFFDATE is updating the effective thru date with a new date.
  • P3002P_W3002PA – Co/By Products Revision
  • P3003_W3003B – Routing Master
    There is a processing option in P3003 on the Process Tab:
    Mode – Processing: 0 = Inquiry (Default) and 1 = Revise
    This needs to be set to “1” to get to the revise W3003B form. If it is set to “0” it opens the W3003A form which is inquiry only and not supported by dropZone.
  • P3006_W3006A – Work Center Master
  • P3006_W3006C – Work Center Rates

Equipment Master

  • P12002_W12002C – Depreciation Default Coding
  • P1201_W1201G – Asset Master Revision
  • P12015_W12015C – Asset Description Translation
  • P1207_W1207B – Equipment PM Schedule
  • P1702_W1702A – Equipment Master​ Revision 
  • P13714_W13714A – Add Equipment Work Order
  • P13714_W13714B – Update Equipment Work Order 
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