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Import the Boomerang Package

Logon to the JDE development environment and start the Boomerang(Lite) application. In the Boomerang startup screen press F2 or choose File/Connect to connect to your JDE session. When connected, the screen will look like this (screenshots in this document are taken from the BoomerangLite version):

Initial Boomerang Screen

Open the supplied Boomerang package for import by using the ‘Open Boomerang Package’ button and browse through your file system to select the supplied Version Workbench package. After confirming the Extended Properties screen the screen will look like this:

The Version Workbench Package

Make sure all objects in the package are selected for import and start the import by using the ‘Import Selected’ button.

If this is not the first time you are importing Version Workbench objects into your system you might encounter the following screen:

Conflicting Objects Warning

Make sure you opt for overwriting the objects by using the ‘Overwrite ALL’ button.

When you have pressed the ‘Import Selected’ button in the Boomerang application, an OMW Project selection screen will come up

It is recommended to proceed with the project name supplied by the package. However, you are free to specify a different project name. The specified project name will be created by Boomerang during the import process. Accept all six UDC import dialogs. Already existing UDC values will not be overwritten. The first UDC import dialog is about the only standard object in the entire Version Workbench package: a code entry for the H90|FP UDC that will allow the new Fastpath command VW to launch the Version Workbench application by means of interactive version PQ46VW00|ZQ460001:

The associated UDC import

The import process will now start and ‘This might take a while…’

When the import is finished, there will be a PDF report and two dialogues for you to confirm

The final confirmation when importing the package
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