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Create OCM entries for Tables

Start the OCM application (P986110|ZJDE0001) and select the System data source. Add public records for all Version Workbench tables for all (non-J) environments in your system and make them active. The data source for these tables must be a central one, preferably ‘System’. Check that the ‘Allow QBE’ field is set to 1. The Version Workbench tables to create OCM records for are:

Nr. Table Description
01 FQ46VW01 Taskview Versions Workfile
02 FQ46VW02 Task ID Sequence Numbering
03 FQ46VW03 Task Master Orphanage
04 FQ46VW04 Version Copy Configuration Header
05 FQ46VW05 Version Copy Configuration Detail
06 FQ46VW06 Freezepoint Master
07 FQ46VW07 Freezepoint Detail
08 FQ46VW08 Processing Option Freezepoint
09 FQ46VW09 Compare Processing Option Freezepoints
10 FQ46VW10 Data Selection Freezepoint
11 FQ46VW11 Data Sequence Freezepoint
12 FQ46VW12 Compare Data Selection Freezepoints
13 FQ46VW13 Compare Data Sequence Freezepoints
14 FQ46VW14 Freezepoint Generation in Process
15 FQ46VW15 Freezepoint Generation Scope – Versions
16 FQ46VW16 Freezepoint Generation Scope – Objects
17 FQ46VW17 Freezepoint Generation Scope
18 FQ46VW18 Project Versions Workfile
19 FQ46VW19 Task Relationship Orphanage
20 FQ46VW20 Taskview Generation Loopback Workfile
21 FQ46VW22 Task Master Workfile
22 FQ46VW23 Task Relationships Workfile
23 FQ46VW24 Task Alternate Descriptions Workfile
24 FQ46VW90 Version Workbench Logging
25 FQ46VW91 Version Workbench Next Numbering
26 FQ46VW92 Version Workbench Logging Detail
27 FQ46VW93 Development Configuration
28 FQ46VW99

Version Workbench Validation (obsolete in the 64Bit version of VW

For a regular system installation with DV, PY and PD this should result in 84 (28 * 3) OCM entries for Version Workbench tables. You can check by querying for FQ46VW* in the Object Name QBE column.

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