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Create OCM entries for Batch Applications

Start the OCM application (P986110|ZJDE0001) and select the System data source. Add public records for all Version Workbench batch applications for all (non-J) environments in your system and make them active. The data source for these batch applications must be be specified as LOCAL. The Version Workbench batch applications to create OCM records for are:

Nr. Table Description
01 RQ46VW50 Generate Freezepoint
02 RQ46VW51 Restore PO Freezepoint
03 RQ46VW52 Freezepoint Copy
04 RQ46VW53 Processing Option Freezepoint
05 RQ46VW54 Export Freezepoint
06 RQ46VW55 Import Freezepoint
07 RQ46VW56 Compare PO Freezepoints
08 RQ46VW57 Data Selection Freezepoint
09 RQ46VW58 Data Sequence Freezepoint
10 RQ46VW59 Generate Compare Freezepoints
11 RQ46VW60 Compare DS Freezepoints
12 RQ46VW61 Compare DQ Freezepoints

For a regular system installation with DV, PY and PD this should result in 36 (12 * 3) OCM entries for Version Workbench batch applications. You can check by querying for RQ46VW* in the Object Name QBE column.

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