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Start using Version Workbench

The Version Workbench project that was imported using the PAR file needs initially to be deployed to all workstations through a full package because of two new dedicated business function libraries.

However, since Version Workbench is a client only application, it is possible to instantly start using Version Workbench prior to the JDE deployment process. To achieve this, you will need to locally build all Version Workbench business functions. From OMW build the following business functions in the displayed order:

Nr. Business Function Description
01 BQ46VW00 General Functions
02 BQ46VW01 Data Selection Functions
03 BQ46VW02 Processing Option Functions
04 BQ46VW03 String Functions
05 BQ46VW04 Taskview Functions
06 NQ46VW00 General Functions
07 NQ46VW01 Data Selection Functions
08 NQ46VW02 Processing Option Functions
09 NQ35VW03 OMW Functions
10 NQ46VW04 Taskview Functions


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