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Version Workbench Object Listing

The following table lists all Version Workbench objects as they are delivered with version 3.5

Nr. Type Object Description
1 APPL PQ46VW00 Version Workbench
2 APPL PQ46VW01 General Screens
3 APPL PQ46VW02 Option Explorer
4 APPL PQ46VW03 Selection Explorer
5 APPL PQ46VW04 Versions
6 APPL PQ46VW05 Taskviews
7 APPLVER PQ46VW00|ZQ460001 Version Workbench
8 APPLVER PQ46VW02|ZQ460001 Option Explorer
9 APPLVER PQ46VW03|ZQ460001 Selection Explorer
10 APPLVER PQ46VW05|ZQ460001 Taskviews
11 BL CQ46VW00 C Functions
12 BL CQ46VW01 NER Functions
13 BSFN BQ46VW00 General Functions
14 BSFN BQ46VW01 Data Selection Functions
15 BSFN BQ46VW02 Processing Option Functions
16 BSFN BQ46VW03 String Functions
17 BSFN BQ46VW04 Taskview Functions
18 BSFN NQ46VW00 General Functions
19 BSFN NQ46VW01 Data Selection Functions
20 BSFN NQ46VW02 Processing Option Functions
21 BSFN NQ46VW03 OMW Functions
22 BSFN NQ46VW04 Taskview Functions
23 BSVW VQ46VWAA F983051 Join F9860
24 BSVW VQ46VWAB F98220 join F98222
25 BSVW VQ46VWAC F98220 join F98221
26 BSVW VQ46VWAD F00942 – All Columns
27 BSVW VQ46VWAE F0094 join F00941
28 BSVW VQ46VW03 Task Master Orphanage
29 BSVW VQ46VW04 Version Copy Configuration Header
30 BSVW VQ46VW05 Version Copy Configuration Detail
31 BSVW VQ46VW06 Freezepoint Master
32 BSVW VQ46VW08 Processing Option Freezepoint
33 BSVW VQ46VW09 Compare Processing Option Freezepoints
34 BSVW VQ46VW10 Data Selection Freezepoint
35 BSVW VQ46VW11 Data Sequence Freezepoint
36 BSVW VQ46VW12 Compare Data Selection Freezepoints
37 BSVW VQ46VW13 Compare Data Sequence Freezepoints
38 BSVW VQ46VW14 Freezepoint Generation in Process
39 BSVW VQ46VW18 Project Versions Workfile
40 BSVW VQ46VW19 Task Relationship Orphanage
41 BSVW VQ46VW90 Version Workbench Logging
42 BSVW VQ46VW92 Version Workbench Logging Detail
43 BSVW VQ46VW93 Development Configuration
44 DD HQ46VWVL F983051 Handle
45 DD HQ46VW08 FQ46VW08 Handle
46 DD HQ46VW09 FQ46VW09 Handle
47 DD HQ46VW10 FQ46VW10 Handle
48 DD HQ46VW11 FQ46VW11 Handle
49 DD HQ46VW12 FQ46VW12 Handle
50 DD HQ46VW13 FQ46VW13 Handle
51 DD HQ46VW15 FQ46VW15 Handle
52 DD HQ46VW16 FQ46VW16 Handle
53 DD HQ46VW19 FQ46VW19 Handle
54 DD Q46VWCCL CompDS Column Left
55 DD Q46VWCCR CompDS Column Right
56 DD Q46VWCCT CompDS Column Type
57 DD Q46VWCDF Clause Value Difference Flag
58 DD Q46VWCDI CompData Item
59 DD Q46VWCDU CompDate Updated
60 DD Q46VWCEV CompEnvironment Name
61 DD Q46VWCF Created Flag
62 DD Q46VWCFP CompFreezepoint
63 DD Q46VWCL CompDS Literal
64 DD Q46VWCLB CmpLevel Break
65 DD Q46VWCO CompDS Operator
66 DD Q46VWCOT CompProcessing Option Text
67 DD Q46VWCOV CompProcessing Option Value
68 DD Q46VWCPB CmpPage Break
69 DD Q46VWCR Compare Result
70 DD Q46VWCRF Child Relation Found
71 DD Q46VWCS CompOpen Query Statement
72 DD Q46VWCSO CmpSort Order
73 DD Q46VWCSQ CompDS Sequence
74 DD Q46VWCTL CompDS Table Left
75 DD Q46VWCTR CompDS Table Right
76 DD Q46VWCTT CompProcessing Option Tab Text
77 DD Q46VWCTU CompTime Last Updated
78 DD Q46VWCVD Compare Version Title
80 DD Q46VWDDF Version Description Difference Flag
81 DD Q46VWFP Freezepoint
82 DD Q46VWFPT Freezepoint Type
83 DD Q46VWIDF Item Difference Flag
84 DD Q46VWIEO Include Exclude Objects
85 DD Q46VWIEV Include Exclude Versions
86 DD Q46VWLK License Key
87 DD Q46VWOD Processing Option Description
88 DD Q46VWODF Option Text Difference Flag
89 DD Q46VWOT Processing Option Text
90 DD Q46VWOTT Processing Option Tab Text
91 DD Q46VWOV Processing Option Value
92 DD Q46VWPRF Parent Relation Found
93 DD Q46VWQDF Sequence Operand Difference Flag
94 DD Q46VWSCL DS Column Left
95 DD Q46VWSCR DS Column Right
96 DD Q46VWSCT DS Column Type
97 DD Q46VWSDF Clause Specification Difference Flag
98 DD Q46VWSEV Source Environment
99 DD Q46VWSF Security
100 DD Q46VWSL DS Literal
101 DD Q46VWSLB Level Break
102 DD Q46VWSO DS Operator
103 DD Q46VWSPB Page Break
104 DD Q46VWSPF Data Selection Protected Flag
105 DD Q46VWSSO Sort Order
106 DD Q46VWSSQ DS Sequence
107 DD Q46VWSTL DS Table Left
108 DD Q46VWSTR DS Table Right
110 DD Q46VWTDF Tab Text Difference Flag
111 DD Q46VWTEV Target Environment
112 DD Q46VWTGD Taskview Generation Description
113 DD Q46VWTGR Taskview Generation Reference
114 DD Q46VWTIS Task ID Sequence
115 DD Q46VWTOV Type Of Versions
116 DD Q46VWTT Task Type
117 DD Q46VWTV Target Version
118 DD Q46VWTVD Target Version Description
119 DD Q46VWVCC Version Copy Configuration
120 DD Q46VWVDF Option Value Difference Flag
121 DD Q46VW00A OMW Project is mandatory
122 DD Q46VW00B Invalid Literal Format
123 DD Q46VW00C Error during Project Checkout or Add
124 DD Q46VW00D Invalid Dictionary Value
125 DD Q46VW01A Compare FP is same as loaded FP
126 DD Q46VW01B OMW Project successfully created
127 DD Q46VW01C Compare Freezepoint is not available
128 DD Q46VW01D Error adding versions to Project
129 DD Q46VW02A Invalid Freezepoint name
130 DD Q46VW02B Invalid Compare Base
131 DD Q46VW03A Reserved Freezepoint Prefix
132 DD Q46VW04A New version name too long
133 DD Q46VW04B Version is secured
134 DD Q46VW04C Token not available
135 DD Q46VW04D Application without Processing Options
136 DD Q46VW04E Version not available
137 DD Q46VW04F Error deleting version
138 DD Q46VW04G Error removing version
139 DD Q46VW05A Different version prefix length
140 DD Q46VW05B Invalid display sequence
141 DD Q46VW05C No importfile selected
142 DD Q46VW05D Invalid importfile format
143 DD Q46VW05E Non unique Task Name
144 DSTR DQ46VW00A Close Scoping Cache
145 DSTR DQ46VW00AA Write FQ46VW05 Cache
146 DSTR DQ46VW00AB Close FQ46VW05 Cache
147 DSTR DQ46VW00C Version Workbench Validation
148 DSTR DQ46VW00D Check Standalone
149 DSTR DQ46VW00E Write Scoping Cache
150 DSTR DQ46VW00F Read Scoping Cache
151 DSTR DQ46VW00G Delete Scoping Cache
152 DSTR DQ46VW00H Validate Get Import Freezepoint
153 DSTR DQ46VW00I Validate Filesystem Path
154 DSTR DQ46VW00J Launch RQ46VW54
155 DSTR DQ46VW00K Move Or Copy Flatfile
156 DSTR DQ46VW00L Launch RQ46VW55
157 DSTR DQ46VW00N Launch RQ46VW52
158 DSTR DQ46VW00O Launch RQ46VW51
159 DSTR DQ46VW00P Check Version Workbench Setup
160 DSTR DQ46VW00Q Browse Filesystem For Path And File
161 DSTR DQ46VW00R Get VW Release Levels
162 DSTR DQ46VW00S Set VW Release Spec Level
163 DSTR DQ46VW00T Launch RQ46VW50
164 DSTR DQ46VW00U Put String Value On Clipboard
165 DSTR DQ46VW00V Build Project Versions Workfile
166 DSTR DQ46VW00W Copy Versions
167 DSTR DQ46VW00X Get VW Object Next Number
168 DSTR DQ46VW00Y Write VW Logging
169 DSTR DQ46VW00Z Write VW PrePost Logging
170 DSTR DQ46VW01A Create Data Selection Freezepoint – Version
171 DSTR DQ46VW01B Format Data Selection Line
172 DSTR DQ46VW01C Create Compare Data Selection Freezepoints
173 DSTR DQ46VW01D Get UBE Main Section Id
174 DSTR DQ46VW01E Get Report Variable Description
175 DSTR DQ46VW01F Create Compare Data Sequence Freezepoints
176 DSTR DQ46VW01G Format Data Sequence Line
177 DSTR DQ46VW01H Get UBE Section Business View
178 DSTR DQ46VW01I Get Business View Columns
179 DSTR DQ46VW01J Get Report Interconnect Members
180 DSTR DQ46VW01K Get UBE Processing Option Template
181 DSTR DQ46VW01L Do Data Selection Spec Update
182 DSTR DQ46VW01N Launch RQ46VW59
183 DSTR DQ46VW01O Check Data Selection Existence
184 DSTR DQ46VW01P Update DS Spec
185 DSTR DQ46VW01Q Validate DS Literal
186 DSTR DQ46VW01R Get UBE Version Jobqueue
187 DSTR DQ46VW01S Set UBE Version Jobqueue
188 DSTR DQ46VW01T Export DS Freezepoint
189 DSTR DQ46VW01U Validate DS Import File
190 DSTR DQ46VW01V Import DS Freezepoint
191 DSTR DQ46VW02A Get PO Value or Create Freezepoint
192 DSTR DQ46VW02B Check PO Template
193 DSTR DQ46VW02C Create Compare Processing Option Freezepoints
194 DSTR DQ46VW02D Export PO Freezepoint
195 DSTR DQ46VW02E Update PO Value
196 DSTR DQ46VW02F Get PO By Description
197 DSTR DQ46VW02G Validate PO Import File
198 DSTR DQ46VW02H Import PO Freezepoint
199 DSTR DQ46VW02I Format Processing Option Line
200 DSTR DQ46VW03A Append Carriage Return
201 DSTR DQ46VW03B Remove Or Replace Character From String
202 DSTR DQ46VW03C Get Character Position In String
203 DSTR DQ46VW03D Append Tab To String
204 DSTR DQ46VW03E Convert String Date According Formats
205 DSTR DQ46VW03F Find And Replace Wildcarded
206 DSTR DQ46VW03G Create New OMW Project
207 DSTR DQ46VW03H Add or Checkout Object to OMW Project
208 DSTR DQ46VW03I Get OMW Checkout Status
209 DSTR DQ46VW03J Form Interconnect Visual Assist by DD
210 DSTR DQ46VW03K Copy OMW Object
211 DSTR DQ46VW04A Copy Taskview
212 DSTR DQ46VW04B Export Taskview
213 DSTR DQ46VW04C Validate Taskview Import File
214 DSTR DQ46VW04D Import Taskview
215 DSTR DQ46VW04E Build Taskview Versions Workfile
216 DSTR DQ46VW04F Create Next Task ID
217 DSTR DQ46VW04G Update Relationship Parent
218 DSTR DQ46VW04H Taskview To Project
219 DSTR DQ46VW04I Get Task ID Next Sequence
220 DSTR DQ46VW04J Write Interactive TV Trace Cache
221 DSTR DQ46VW04K Close Interactive TV Trace Cache
222 DSTR DQ46VW04L Copy Task And Translations
223 DSTR DQ46VW04M Process Interactive TV Trace Cache
224 DSTR DQ46VW04N Update Taskview Generation Audit
225 DSTR DQ46VW04O Generate Task Master Orphanage
226 DSTR DQ46VW04P Generate Task Relation Orphanage
227 DSTR TQ46VW00 Version Workbench
228 DSTR TQ46VW02 Option Explorer
229 DSTR TQ46VW03 Selection Explorer
230 DSTR TQ46VW05 Taskviews
231 DSTR TQ46VW51 Restore PO Freezepoint
232 TBLE FQ46VW01 Taskview Versions Workfile
233 TBLE FQ46VW02 Task ID Sequence Numbering
234 TBLE FQ46VW03 Task Master Orphanage
235 TBLE FQ46VW04 Version Copy Configuration Header
236 TBLE FQ46VW05 Version Copy Configuration Detail
237 TBLE FQ46VW06 Freezepoint Master
238 TBLE FQ46VW07 Freezepoint Detail
239 TBLE FQ46VW08 Processing Option Freezepoint
240 TBLE FQ46VW09 Compare Processing Option Freezepoints
241 TBLE FQ46VW10 Data Selection Freezepoint
242 TBLE FQ46VW11 Data Sequence Freezepoint
243 TBLE FQ46VW12 Compare Data Selection Freezepoints
244 TBLE FQ46VW13 Compare Data Sequence Freezepoints
245 TBLE FQ46VW14 Freezepoint Generation in Process
246 TBLE FQ46VW15 Freezepoint Generation Scope – Versions
247 TBLE FQ46VW16 Freezepoint Generation Scope – Objects
248 TBLE FQ46VW17 Freezepoint Generation Scope
249 TBLE FQ46VW18 Project Versions Workfile
250 TBLE FQ46VW19 Task Relationship Orphanage
251 TBLE FQ46VW20 Taskview Generation Loopback Workfile
252 TBLE FQ46VW90 Version Workbench Logging
253 TBLE FQ46VW91 Version Workbench Next Numbering
254 TBLE FQ46VW92 Version Workbench Logging Detail
255 TBLE FQ46VW93 Development Configuration
256 TBLE FQ46VW99 Version Workbench Validation (32 bits version only)
257 UBE RQ46VW50 Generate Freezepoint
258 UBE RQ46VW51 Restore PO Freezepoint
259 UBE RQ46VW52 Freezepoint Copy
260 UBE RQ46VW53 Processing Option Freezepoint
261 UBE RQ46VW54 Export Freezepoint
262 UBE RQ46VW55 Import Freezepoint
263 UBE RQ46VW56 Compare PO Freezepoints
264 UBE RQ46VW57 Data Selection Freezepoint
265 UBE RQ46VW58 Data Sequence Freezepoint
266 UBE RQ46VW59 Generate Compare Freezepoints
267 UBE RQ46VW60 Compare DS Freezepoints
268 UBE RQ46VW61 Compare DQ Freezepoints
269 UBEVER RQ46VW50|ZQ460001 Generate Freezepoint
270 UBEVER RQ46VW51|ZQ460001 Restore PO Freezepoint – Proof
271 UBEVER RQ46VW51|ZQ460002 Restore PO Freezepoint – Final
272 UBEVER RQ46VW52|ZQ460001 Freezepoint Copy
273 UBEVER RQ46VW53|ZQ460001 Processing Option Freezepoint
274 UBEVER RQ46VW54|ZQ460001 Export Freezepoint
275 UBEVER RQ46VW55|ZQ460001 Import Freezepoint
276 UBEVER RQ46VW56|ZQ460001 Compare PO Freezepoints
277 UBEVER RQ46VW57|ZQ460001 Data Selection Freezepoint
278 UBEVER RQ46VW58|ZQ460001 Data Sequence Freezepoint
279 UBEVER RQ46VW59|ZQ460001 Generate Compare Freezepoints
280 UBEVER RQ46VW60|ZQ460001 Compare DS Freezepoints
281 UBEVER RQ46VW61|ZQ460001 Compare DQ Freezepoints
282 UDC Q46|00 Freezepoint Type
283 UDC Q46|01 Operator
284 UDC Q46|02 Where, And Or
285 UDC Q46|03 Column Type
286 UDC Q46|04 Task Type

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