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Public Services

Appshare provides a public SaaS platform which can be used without installing software in customer systems. This platform is designed to be high available with low-latency responses. Customers use the Appshare Apps for business-critical processes and operate in all regions of the world.

The hosting service of the Appshare PWA is a global CDN (Content Distribution Network) which hosts the files in all regions of the world. The CDN will deliver the PWA from the closest available region.

The entry point of the Appshare Services (https://api.appshare.app) is served by a geo-location-based router. This router determines based on user device location and available app services which is the best to serve requests from. The data store behind the app services replicates its data across regions. With this setup, Appshare does not rely on any region to be available and has low-latency responses.

The customer services must be accessible from the user device. The public Appshare services do not require network access to customer services. How the user device acquires network access (by VPN or proxy) to the customer services is not handled by the public Appshare SaaS platform.

Domains of the services:

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