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Local Node

For compliance, security or technical reasons, it might not be possible to use the public or cloud node hosting. Appshare provides a “Local Node” for these situations. The Appshare PWA can be hosted on a server in the local network.

The Local Node is a container which runs a web server and proxy. The PWA is served by the web server and the Appshare Services are proxied through the local node. The user device only requires access to the local node and customer services. The local node only requires internet access to reach the Appshare Services (https://api.appshare.app). When the local node is installed it also requires internet access to download the container image from a docker registry. Appshare provides a Node Manager which can help with installing and updating the local node containers.

When do you need a “Local Node”

  • When it is required by regulations to have control over the service/product you are using
  • When internet connectivity is not stable in rural locations
  • When you need full control over who accesses the services.
  • When you do not want to expose your customer services to the internet or use an authentication proxy
  • When the customer services are high available and the load balancer uses sticky sessions


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