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Appshare Devices

We do often get questions about what devices can be used best when running Appshare applications. That obviously in the first place depends on what the intend is of the application. But there are a few remarks that one could use as a guideline:

  1. Appshare requires a browser to run, as it is a PWA (progressive web application). Any browser will do as long as it is not Internet Explorer (on any device, Windows or CE). We test Appshare on Chrome, Safari (both iOS and Mac OS), Edge, Brave and Opera.
  2. Scannners: As Appshare runs on the scanning device itself, it is best to ensure to have enough processing power and memory, we recommend a 2.0 Ghz quadcore with at least 2Gb of Ram. We have seen issues with built in browsers on scanning devices and recommend to install Chrome instead of using any shipped browser. We do test all apps on a 1.7Ghz Zebra (the TC8300).
    We have customers with Honeywell, Zebra, Motorola, Casio and other devices running their Appshare warehouse applications.
  3. Tip: As everybody seems to have a phone (a device with plenty of processing power) a consideration is to simply use small barcode scanners and connect these to your mobile phone. Yes, Appshare does support scanning on your phone with the camera, but nothing beats a purpose built barcode scanner.

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