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Steltix AIS Tester

The Steltix AIS Tester is a generic tester page to help identify issues and test you connection to your JDEdwards AIS Server and logging on to it.

You will need:

  1. The URL of your AIS Server
  2. Your credentials to logon to the JDEdwards environment server by the AIS server.

Navigate to: http://aistester.steltixlabs.com/tester

Steltix AIS Tester
Enter your AIS Server URL and click on “Run Config Test”
AIS Tester Settings
Your server settings are shown. If there are no warnings or error Enter below “Step 2” your JDE User and Password and click on “Run Login Test”.
AIS Tester Details
Check the server result.

If both test are fine you are ready to start using any AIS powered application including Dropzone and Appshare.

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