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Logging on for the first time

Navigate to appshare.steltix.com 

The logon screen of Appshare

  • Server:
    Enter the URL of your AIS Server. Contact your system administrator when you do not know what that is.
  • User:
    Your JD Edwards user ID for your JD Edwards system.
  • Password:
    Your JD Edwards user’s password.
  • SSL:
    Select the lock to switch between a secure connection and a standard connection.

Click Connect to start your Appshare session.

Account Validation

When you are using Appshare for the first time on this device against your own JD Edwards Environment, you can either select trial mode by selecting the TRIAL button, or enter your unique PIN code, a six digits number supplied by Steltix.

Select the Remember checkbox to bypass this screen going forward on your device.

Welcome to Appshare!

Once your entered a valid validation code (or selected the TRIAL mode), you are presented with Appshare’s home screen. Feel free to add shortcuts to your home screen by pressing the pencil icon. Reorganize your icons by selecting them longer and dragging them to the place where you want them.

Have fun in Appshare!

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