Appshare node

Appshare is running primarily on a Steltix managed server, but can also be deployed to a dedicated (on-premise) node server. The requirement for an Appshare node is:

  • Linux virtual machine (at minimum 1 CPU, 2Gb RAM, and 100Gb HD space);
  • Docker installed (Docker community edition)
  • sudo should run without a password. While automated setup we create some directories. To create these directories we use sudo.
  • Docker ps command should run without the sudo by default Docker commands run with sudo. Follow this article to run it without sudo:
  • The static public IP address with the SSH port enabled for external access from IP address (Appshare deployment engine). You may need to whitelist this IP address.
  • Allow regular IP HTTP connections from internal clients (to load Appshare).

Follow these steps to setup your (on-premise) node(s):

1. Connection

Connect with your JDE system using your Appshare administration enabled JDE credentials. Use the Administration link at the bottom left to access Administration console.

2. Frontend management

Use the More menu icon at the top right to access Frontend management.

3. Add server(s)

Use the floating Add button at the bottom to add a new server. You can have multiple servers each running multiple nodes.

4. Server details

Enter a description (e.g. a location or region reference), external IP address, administration user and SSH port number of the server. During the save process you will be prompted to enter the root user password for the server. This root user password will not be stored, it is used to install the ssh key.

5. Add node(s)

Use the more menu icon on the displayed server expansion panel to add an Appshare node. You can have multiple nodes per server.

6. Node details

Enter a description (e.g. Production or Test) and port number of the node. The combined server IP address and this node port number will be the DNS access point for devices to run the Appshare application.

7. Select Docker image

The next step during the node definition process will be to select an Appshare Docker image from a published list to be applied.

8. Manage your node(s)

The server expansion panel will show its contained nodes when expanded. You can pause, start or delete any particular node using the provided icon buttons. Clicking the node list item will open the endpoint in a new browser tab (when the node is running).

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