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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Single Sign On for JD Edwards provided quick and easy with Transparent Logon.

Can we use API’s to call Transparent Logon administrative routines directly?

Yes. The design of TL with a separated UI and back-end is designed to allow for API communication. We keep a list of them here.

Our company consists of multiple Windows Domains. Can Transparent Logon handle that?

Yes. It is important that there is a trust relation between the domain in which Transparent Logon is installed and the other domains.

I have enabled LDAP for my JD Edwards. Can I install and use Transparent Logon?

Transparent Logon does not require LDAP to be enabled. Disable the feature to start using Transparent Logon.

When I navigate to TL and try to logon, the browser pops up messages asking me to login. What is the problem?

Make sure the TL server is part of your intranet zone. You can add the TL server URL to the list of Intranet zone servers in you internet settings.

When the domain user is disabled, will Transparent Logon still function?

No, when the currently logged on user has their domain user disabled, Transparent Logon will not log the user into JDEdwards but rather present the regular JD Edwards logon page.

Do the User ID’s of the domain user and the JD Edwards user have to match?

Not necessarily. As Transparent Logon uses a cross reference to correlate the two user ID’s and does not require anything to change in either Active directory or JD Edwards.
However, when the User ID’s are the same, then this cross reference does not have to be maintained at all. This is controlled by the use cross reference file parameter.

We have a load balancer. How does Transparent Logon support that?

TL supports most load balancers and will simply point to the load balancer’s URL instead of the JDE URL.

Does Transparent Logon have to be enabled for all JD Edwards users or can you mix users that use TL with users that do not?

No, Transparent Logon can be enabled for a select portion of your JD Edwards users. It is controlled by what user ID’s are setup in the Cross Reference.

We have users that use multiple JD Edwards user profiles. Can Transparent Logon handle that?

Yes. In the cross reference you can setup one Active directory user with multiple JD Edwards users: Transparent Logon will then present a simple prompt to confirm which user ID to use in the JD Edwards session and still logon to JD Edwards without presenting the logon box. The reverse (having multiple Domain users sharing one JD Edwards user) is also supported.

When the JD Edwards user logs off the normal log off screen is presented. How does the user quickly log on back into JD Edwards?

By adding a link to the Transparent Logon server in the log off screen. The user can simply click that link to get back into JD Edwards transparently.

Is the Transparent Logon data encrypted?

Transparent Logon only stores the relation between two user ID’s of a user, no other sensitive data such as passwords are stored: there is no need to encrypt this data.

Who can maintain Transparent Logon’s user ID cross reference?

The domain admin group, or any other admin group as indicated in the configuration of TL.

Can you run multiple instances of Transparent Logon?

Yes. Transparent Logon actually needs one instance to run every JD Edwards URL (PY, Prod, etc). Each instance runs on its own port on the Transparent Logon server.

Does Transparent Logon allow to run SSL?

Yes. After uploading a valid SSL Certificate it will run SSL. It is required for your JD Edwards webservers to also run secured in order for this to make sense.

Does Transparent Logon also work for parameterised URLs?


What database does Transparent Logon require to store its information and the user ID cross reference?

Transparent Logon supports Oracle databases, SQL server database and includes an H2 database in case you do not have a database available.

Can this Transparent Logon database run in the JD Edwards data sources?

Yes. In that case it benefits from possible high available solutions that may be present.

Can Transparent Logon be used as a self service password reset tool as well?

Yes, it functions as a password reset tool for users not setup in the cross reference database at the same time, by setting up the mail protocol and using the correct URL for users.

After installing and configuring Transparent Logon, my users keep getting the error “Incorrect User ID or Password”

Please ensure your administrator password only contains the allowed special characters. Refer to this document for more information.

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