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The authentication tab contains settings associated with the authentication type choosen.

Authentication Tab

Authentication Type

Select your authentication type from the drop down list.

When using Windows authentication, no further parameters are required. When using SAML2 authentication, more information is required, depending on the SAML2 provider you use.

SAML2 Authentication Type

Office 365 SAML2 authentication parameters example
Fortigate SAML2 authentication parameters example

Application Identifier

Copy and paste your identifier from you SAML2 provider.

Identity Provider Identifier

Copy and paste your identifier your SAML2 provider.

Login URL

Copy and paste the login URL of your SAML2 provider.


Copy and paste the logout URL from your SAML2 provider.

Response URL

Copy and Paste the logout URL from your SAML2 provider.

X509 Public Certificate

Download or copy and paste you X509 certificate from your SAML2 provider.

Enable Microsoft Authenticator

When you enable Windows Authenticator, you can logon to JD Edwards through Transparent Logon without any password.

Azure Authentication Methods

In your Azure security settings, enable the Microsoft Authenticator as indicated above.

Using the Authenticator

After navigating to your Transparent Logon URL, office 365 will show a random number. On your phone, Microsoft Authenticator will notify you and show multiple numbers. Confirm the number shown in your browser to gain access.

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