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JDE Enterprise Server

Settings in the JDE Enterprise Server Tab contain all settings for Transparent Logon to be able to find and access your Enterprise Server.

When a JWT key has been configured, this screen is not available and will only show a message.

TL JD Edwards Enterprise Server Settings
TL JD Edwards Enterprise Server Settings

Enterprise Server

Enter the name of the JD Edwards Enterprise Server. This server is needed to reset the password prior to logging the JD Edwards users to run.

Enterprise Server Port

Enter the portnumber of your JD Edwards enterprise Server.

Enterprise environment

Specify the environment on which server is using this instance of transparent logon.

Admin User

Enter the name of the JD Edwards user with administrator privileges to reset user passwords.

Admin Password

Enter the password of the JD Edwards Admin user. When you want to include special characters use “%” , “¢” , “%” , “#” , “@” or “!” only.

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