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Your transparent logon server can run multiple instances to serve multiple JDEdwards (or DAS) environments. Click the Add instance button to add an instance.

Give the instance a meaningful name and assign a port number to it. When left blank, TL will automatically assign a next available portnumber.

Select the instance name to access and manage the properties of the instance.

Transparent Logon Instances Overview

The icons in the middle of the row indicate whether the instance is autostarting, SSL or not and show the portnumber on which it runs.
Once an instance is running, this will be visible with the green circle at the beginning of the row.

The hamburger menu at the right of each instance row allow for several operations:

Restart the Instance

Stop the Instance

Delete the Instance

Edit instance attributes

Changing the basic instance attributes will cause the instance to restart.

To enable SSL, a SSL certificate needs to be uploaded in the Admin Settings.

Opens the instance settings tabs as detailed below.


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