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Work with Menu Structure

The first two row exits on the Taskviews tab of the Version Workbench main screen are Export and Import. These two row exits allow you to make an export of a selected menu structure in the left tree control to a text file or import such an exported file to a selected location in the tree control on the right. This feature can support a release upgrade or synchronization of menu structures with multiple instances.

Rowexit Freezepoint has been discussed in section 1.1.3 Task view Scope. You can use it to generate a Freezepoint based on the version content of the selected menu structure.

Rowexit To Project opens the Select OMW Project screen where you can select a project to which all task definitions and task relations of the selected menu structure will be exported:

Select OMW project

This can be an alternative for working across environments if OMW transfer of menu structures is required. Project status, ownership and role are not filter enabled; these filter criteria are determined by the Development Configuration setup in combination with the current login environment.

The Copy button will make a copy of the selected menu structure in the tree control on the left under a selected target location in a menu structure in the tree control on the right. Using the Source Environment and Target Environment controls you have an alternative for OMW transfer of menu structures. With this functionality there is also the possibility to specify version replacements to be executed during the menu structure copy:

Version Workbench Menu Structure Copy
Task view copy configuration screen

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